A Father's Journey - An Inspiring Tale

​ An uplifting movie from Executive Producer Lou Pizarro

that will leave the audience speechless

A Father's Journey, a movie produced by EYL Pictures and EGA Productions, is set to release on June 21st, 2015. This inspiring tale is based on a true story and is about a man who after a tragic accident takes place, must find a way to go on. Through an exchange of twists and turns, he embarks on a journey of healing with his son and finds his way to a place of comfort and peace, a place he can call home. The talented cast consists of Lou Pizarro (creator and star of Operation Repo), Mayra Leal (Machete), David Fernandez Jr. (who starred in End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal), and Joey Medina (Latin Kings of Comedy). Lou Pizarro, the Executive Producer and Second Unit Director, originally came aboard A Father's Journey as Executive Producer, but soon became immersed within the mesmerizing film itself. With the help of Stunt Coordinator Joe Pancake from JEM FX (who recently finished working in films such as Need for Speed and Mission Impossible 5), Pizarro was able to choreograph and produce the car crash scene in the film himself. A Father's Journey is truly captivating and the message within it, profound. We're reminded of family values and the importance of finding your way home when you find yourself lost. The most powerful film of the year, guaranteed!

Unsterile Brain Operation at Florida Hospital Orlando by Neurosurgeon Melvin Field


 Neurosurgeon Dr. Melvin Fields performed an unsterile, botched brain operation on me. Approx. 4 months after, I returned to Florida Hospital of Orlando with a severe infection in my head. The incision site had broken down from the infection and pus, blood, and CSF fluid was oozing out of the incision. I have sought help many times at Florida Hospital of Orlando when the pus and CSF are oozing from the incision site. Each time I was admitted and administered antibiotics from the ICU and then sent home within 3-5 days.

 Approximately 7 months ago, I was readmitted with a severe infection at the incision site. I was admitted immediately. I was prepped for an operation the following morning. The goal was to eradicate the germ that was given to me by Dr. Melvin Field at Florida Hospital Orlando during an unsterile brain operation. The germ was inside my head and by removing the graft on my skull and the mesh, they assumed this would resolve the problem. Obviously, it was too late. Approx. 3 months after this botched life and death operation, I had returned to the ER with a severe infection at the incision site again. With my insistence, prior to administering antibiotics, the ER doctor at Florida Hospital of Orlando sent the specimen for culture to the lab. A day and a half later, the PA came into my room in the ICU and asked me how I was doing. I asked her what kind of infection did I have. She stated, "Lets see." As she looked at the computer she noticed that Dr. Field's had never ordered the specimen to be cultured as usual. So, she herself ordered the labwork to be done. The following day I was released from the ICU and sent home with 28 tablets of Keflex in 750 mg. Approximately, three to five days later, my daughter went down to Florida Hospital of Orlando, and got all the test results from the records department. Upon receiving these records we were shocked to find out that I had tested positive for rare gram cocci, and I had no graft on the rear of my skull or a mesh protecting it. This infection was less than 1 millimeter from my brain, and it could kill me instantly.

To this day, I have never received a call from Florida Hospital of Orlando or the so-called neurosurgeons, that I was being treated by, to find out how I was feeling and to inform me that I had tested positive for rare gram cocci. I have sent 11 emails/letters over a period of 9 months, and two hand delivered letters to the administration, and to the C.E.O. of Florida Hospital of Orlando, and to the board members begging and pleading for someone from this administration to supersede in this matter and I have never been contacted except from their Risk Management Officer.

 This is extremely sad that this kind of medical treatment is being allowed in 2018. I released this video to educate the people of what kind of unsterile, unsanitary conditions that you may be subjected to while getting an operation at Florida Hospital of Orlando, while you are lyingunconscious in their operating room at the hands of a sloppy, dirty Neurosurgeon that doesn't scrub up and assumes that the rules and regulations of the board of medicine doesn't apply to him. Every day I suffer from severe, debilitating headaches, dizziness, and nausea along with the occasional CSF and pus oozing from my right side of my head and my ear, and my face becoming swollen from the collection of CSF, while Florida Hospital of Orlando and Neurosurgeon Dr. Melvin Fieldrefuse to acknowledge it. They have blackballed me and abandoned me after giving me a botched, unsterile operation and left me with an infection inside my head that I will live with the rest of my life until it kills me. - Scott


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Lou Pizarro, The Mastermind Behind Hit TV-Shows

Meet Lou pizarro 


Lou Pizarro may be mostly known for his appearance in "Operation Repo," a television show that debuted on TruTV from 2008 to 2014. However, many fail to realize than Pizarro is much more than just a face on a screen - he's the mastermind behind it all. "Operation Repo" was originally "Operacion Repo" on Telemundo, before TruTV picked up Pizarro. The hit show that has captivated millions was thought up after Pizarro's own extensive work as a Repossession Agent for 13 years.  After being immersed in the field, Pizarro decided to fulfill his lifelong desire of becoming a Filmmaker. With his drive and ambition, Pizarro definitely succeeded. He created a number-one rated television show that lasted for eleven seasons and he is far from reaching his potential. Recently, Pizarro created, directed, and produced more hit television shows called, "Fugitivos de la Ley: Los Angeles," which follows two real-life federal agents hunting down fugitives and, "Dame Tinta.". Pizarro's future in the film-making business is just get started and we are all anxious to see what his next brilliant creation will be. Pizarro also deejays on the "Repo Radio Show" Thursday mornings from 6-9 A.M. and Thursday evenings from 6-8 P.M. For more information about Repo Radio, go to: www.RepoRadio.com or follow them on Facebook and Twitter: @RepoRadioShow!

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